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TRIPLE BUYERS GUIDENow back in 2010 I made a video about how to setup 3 monitors on your computer. Funny enough that video became one of the most popular video I’ve ever made, but now its finally time to update that video and use this opportunity to make a 2 part series on how to configure a triple monitor setup whether you want to have the most productive workstation or the ultimate gaming rig.

Now this is a buyers’ guide that will give you a couple of different options in making your own multi monitor setup. For the past couple of years my brother and I have had a whole bunch of multiple monitor setups and one thing i’ve learned from using a triple monitors configuration from a day to day basis; is that although you can only focus your attention on one thing at a time, having more than one monitor is like have a bigger workspace, you can fit more stuff on it and create a more efficient and organized workflow. Interms gaming, it just makes your experience more immersive and special. Now keep in mind that you can use almost any monitors for your multi monitor setup but i would like share some of my favourite monitors for a multi monitor setup.

First thing we’re going to talk about is adapters, now lets say you have an older monitor or a monitor that doesn’t have a display port connection, there are two adapters i would recommend. one is a VGA to DP this adapter can support monitors with up to a resolution of 1920×1200, I been using my VGA to DP adapter for 4 years now it silll works like a champ. The other adapter is a dual link DVI to displayport with an active USB connection, this adapter can support monitors with max resolution of 2560×1600.

DisplayPort Adapters:

VGA to DP:

HDMI to DisplayPort:

DVI to DisplayPort:

DVI To DisplayPort USB Powered:

Moving on let’s talk monitors, for a 23/24” setup there are 2 models I really like. The first one is the BenQ EW2440L, Now this monitor has probably one of the thinnest side bezels you can get. However there is 2 issues with this benq on is no display port connection so your going to have to get a DP adapter on one of the monitors, additionally there’s no vesa mount support, so you can’t mount these monitor. The second monitor in this categories is pretty much a perfect monitor in most regards, its the dell ultrasharp u2414H. This is a IPS, LED backlit like the benq, but it has a both full size displayport and mini displayport connection as well as a vesa mount, couple that with a very slim bezel and you have one of the best monitors out there.

The next configuration is more of a high-end 3 way setup involving the dell U2715H which is a 27” monitor that has a native resolution of 2560×1440. It has many of the same great features of the 24” version we just talked about, but it has a higher native resolution and screen size.

The last monitor configuration is kind of a little outrageous, but if you want the ultimate multi monitor setup, Than look no further than the Asus PB287Q. This one of the best 4k monitor that doesn’t cost a fortune and the performance is pretty good. The monitor has a native resolution of 3840×2160 at 60Hz via a DisplayPort connection. Additionally you also have support for a VESA mount so you can mount three 4k monitors to your desk.

Monitor links:

Dell U2414H:

BenQ EW2440L:

Dell U2715H:

Asus PB287Q:

Speaking of mounts there are two mounts i would recommend. One is the “Mount it” Articulating quad arm mount, which holds monitor up to 24”. The Deluxe triple monitor stand is our second pick which can hold up to 28” displays. Both monitor mounts just connect to your desk using a simple desk clamp.

Multi Monitor Desk Mounts:

Monitor Mount Up to 24”:

Monitor Mount Up to 28”:

For Graphics cards you can use allot Nvidia and AMD Graphics cards that are anywhere from 3-4 years old but again for the best performance you want to get the most powerful GPU you can afford. Infact in you may want to get multiple GPUs if your running triple QHD and UHD monitors.

Currently the Best GPU for price to performance ratio is the GTX 970 and R9 290X. Even one GPU would work well for a triple 1080p setup, but for higher resolution monitors you definitely want to get at least a single GTX 980. Which is a fantastic card that is that has allot of overclocking capabilities and excellent power efficiently. Therefore you can easily get 2 or 3 GTX 980 and have an amazing triple 4k monitor gaming setup.

Graphics Cards:

GTX 970:

R9 290X:

GTX 980:



3 thoughts on “Multiple Monitor Build Guide

  1. I am a 66 year old guy trying to get into gaming ,I gave a gtx Nvidia 660ti card and I want to link up 3 monitors for flight and racing games ,I know you have put up videos to explain ,but I still don’t know what cables are the vest to use,my single monitor is using the large cable ,I think VGA ,but there is another same size slot on my card ,thanks ,phil

  2. interesting; when i was reading your description i came up with a question
    ((Therefore you can easily get 2 or 3 GTX 980 and have an amazing triple 4k monitor gaming setup.))
    do i need 2 pc or can you buy 2 gtx 980 and put in the same pc

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