Hackintosh Build Guides

Budget Hackintosh 


Motherboard GA- Z97-D3H Amazon
CPU Intel Core i3-4360 Amazon
81Lqq3DQPML._SL1500_ RAM 8GB 1600Mhz DDR3 (4×2) Amazon

Drives 120GB SSD
Corsair CS 550 Watt Modular Amazon
81o0WUdgZCL._SL1500_ Case NZXT 210 Amazon
Wifi Card TP-Link PCI Express
Wifi Adapter

Solid Hackintosh 

Motherboard GA- Z97-D3H Amazon
CPU Intel Core i5-4460 Amazon
91icxiJ3itL._SL1500_ GPU Nvidia GTX 970 Amazon
81JQMPG7LlL._SL1500_ RAM 8GB 1866Mhz DDR3 (4×2) Amazon

Drives 120GB SSD
41bCu80FDnL Power
Corsair 600 Watt Modular Amazon
51cd6oSslBL._SL1500_ Case Corsair 350D Amazon
Wifi Card TP-Link PCI Express
Wifi Adapter

 High End Hackintosh Pro 

Motherboard GA-X99-UD4 Amazon 
CPU Intel Core i7-5820k Amazon
RAM 16GB 2400Mhz DDR4 (8×2) Amazon
61t7ij+AwNL._SL1200_ GPU Nvidia GTX 980 Amazon

Drives 500GB SSD
41UUXc6UqNL Power
Corsair RM750 Watt Modular Amazon
51vawT3PnuL._SL1500_ Case Corsair 750D Amazon
Wifi Card TP-Link PCI Express
Wifi Adapter


Best Monitors


Dell E2414H

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Dell U2713HM

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Asus PB287Q

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Best Mouse PC Speakers


Audioengine A2+ Powered Desktop Speakers

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63 thoughts on “Hackintosh Build Guides

  1. Hi,

    Might be a dumb question, but why isn’t there any GPU in these lists ?
    I’m willing to build a budget hackintosh and might use it for games. That’s why I’m asking.


      • you see, the budget one has not a CPU, but a APU that is a cpu and a gpu comined in to one chip, not perfect for video editing but for budget, its perfect

  2. Hi, I’m new to hackintosh thing. I have a question, is it compatible with any other CPU as long as it’s i3, i5 or i7 ? The one you listed here in the budget specs is not available here in my place. Can you suggest something? Because I don’t want to buy something that doesn’t work. BTW, I am building budget hackintosh.


  3. Hi,

    Thanks for your tutorial very easy. I just have one problem in the process of installation on my laptop Dell Latitude E6500. Here the system summary

    I arrive to the screen with the Apple and the progress line but it stay block here impossible to arrive to the screen where I can format the hard disk. Any suggestions please ?



    • Sorry for the pictures the links doesn’t work.
      so the motherboard is : DELL 0W612R Chipset : Intel GM45/47 Processor : Intel Mobile Core 2 duo T9600 2800 Mhz.

      • If you can’t get to the OSX installer, try typing in -x at the Chimera Boot screen. You can also type some other boot flags such as: GraphicsEnabler=Yes, PCIRootUID=1, maxmem=4096, maxmem=8192, and npci=0x2000 individually or in combination in order to solve boot issues.

  4. Looking to start my build this weekend. Thanks for your support first and foremost. Question I have is with Yosemite, are all the functions available? For example iMessage? Or is there any quirky DRM bugs that are not working as opposed to buying an actual iMac? Also when plugging in an external USB device will it auto recognize still or are there any issues in that regard? Thanks again!

  5. Hi,

    I am waiting now for quite the same build than your “High End Hackintosh Pro”. I just order an Asus X99 A than GA UD X99. Is that easy possible to build an hackintosh with that kind of mother board??

    Thanks for all your work !

  6. Hi ive just finish installing os x yosemite on my acer core i3 laptop.but when im booting the os x from the hard drive it doesnt load up it staus black.what shall i do?please guide me

  7. My Pc Configuration is
    Motherboard :Asus Sabbertooth 990fx R 2.0
    Processor:Fx 8350
    Power Supply:crossair cx 750w
    Graphics Card:Gigabyte Readon R7 260x
    Hdd: Western digital 1tb
    Is it Ok For hackintosh?

    • I don’t know but I am sure that if it is you need to go with niresh they are only who have versions for amd processors

  8. im try 10 time but no install yosemite 10.10 on
    asus sabertooth z97
    gtx 275 nvidia
    16 gb ram
    wd black 1tb hdd

    finaliy install on my pc niresh yosemite zone

  9. I have the following ;
    Gigabyte z97-hd3 motherboard
    Intel i7 4790K devils canyon
    Asus strix gtx 980
    16gb ddr3 ram
    250 gb samsung evo 840 ssd
    2tb Toshiba hdd
    Soundblaster x-fi titanium 7.1 soundcard
    Viewsonic 1080p 10point touchscreen display
    Logitech unified wireless keyb & mouse

    Im planning on making a dual boot win8/os x system, Id like to use final cut on osx and play games in windows 8.. Is this teoreticly possible? Any component in this list that is not compatible?

    Does macs support touchsreens? what about external soundcards? Is there any common file system that osx and win can use to store large video files on?

    • I am not sure if the touch screen or the external sound card are compatible checkout tonymacx86 to check that gtx980 will work I guess yes so in general you computer is compatible or almost compatible sense the motherboard is z97 and it is gigabyte also I don’t know if the hard drive will make problems but they are solve able if yes good luck

  10. i have built you budget Hacintosh configuration with a upgrade 2 a i5 and no ssd i don’t have the same monitor as the budget one as i am using my 32 inch Samsung TV, i can only run my mac in safe mode i can run it normally but its taken so long to boot im not even sure if it can the gray loading bar takes for ever so i just boot in safe mode i also need help fixing audio either audio coming out of HDMI or 3.5m output please help i also need help puting the boot menu i have 2 manually click F12 and enter bios and select flash drive but if i don’t instead of booting mac os it just boots the windows 8.l pro i also have installed i partion the hard drive into 2, 4 a dual boot please help and thank you

    • You need to install multibeast and choose the correct configuration and make sure to install a bootloader and checkout the dsdts on tonymacx86 and see if the your motherboard are there to get the dsdt and install it by using multibeast then you must get no problems

  11. I have a Lenovo Z500 by below hardware config:
    Lenovo 20202 motherboard
    Intel i5 3230M
    Intel hd graphics 4000
    8gb ddr3 ram

  12. Hi dear brother at the first tanx for your taturials. can i install dual boot mac yosemite and win 10 on my samsung service 7 np700z5c
    cpu: i7 3615qm
    vga: intel hd 4000 & Nvidia gt 650m
    hdd: 750 gb

    Please answer my question please

  13. HI! i have a question … so it is really necessary to have those graphic cards you have mentioned or it doesn’t matter what i have..?

    • If you have Intel HD graphics that is on the cpu you don’t need to use another one but if you want a graphics card that is more powerful you need to make sure that it is on the tonymacx86 webpage because they always change or add when releasing a new mac is x

  14. my configuration is
    cpu AMd Fx-8350 eight core processor
    mothterbord Gigabyte 970A-DS3P
    Graphics card AMD Radeon R9 200 Series
    SSD KINGSTONSUV100S37A120G from 111.79 GB SATA III

    On above configration dose it work os x??

    • If you really want to install it on amd cpu you must checkout niresh tutorials on YouTube and check their webpage to download a copy you also will be able to burn it on windows

  15. HI
    you are doing a great job on youtube. I need some help. I have MSI Motherboard ( MSI Z79 Guard Pro ) . I have made my bootable usb with unibeast. When i boot from usb i see the screen with unibeast and ntfs hard drive. I see the apple logo for few second and then no display. Can you help me or what bios setting i should change.


  16. I have noticed on the high end hackintosh there is no cooler for the CPU. For the intel 5820k, it doesn’t come with a cooler and I would like to know of a good cooler for that CPU.

  17. Hello Waj

    i am big fan of your Videos

    i checked your OSX 10.10 Yosemite video and i am buying part for it

    i was confusion on part if you could help me it would be great

    GA-H97-D3H is cheaper than ga-z97-d3h which should i go for?

    in your budget Hackintosh you have recommenced Intel Core i3-4360

    i was thinking to go with Intel i5 4440 Haswell 3.10ghz just because it is cheaper will that be fine?

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Again thank you so much for such a amazing videos


  18. Will this work for HP EliteBook 8470p?

    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3520M CPU @ 2.90GHz
    Display adapter: AMD Radeon HD 7570M
    RAM: DDR3 8GB


  19. I’m not an expert in building PCs, I hope this is not a stupid question. If ever I would like to build a budget / solid / high-end hackintosh, does it mean that I’d have to really stick with what is listed on the corresponding types and not allowed to mix parts up like getting a 16gb ram on budget hackintosh?

  20. Hi i’m thinking of buying an new pc and install Mac on it… so here is my config..

    MSI Z87-GD65 mother board
    Intel 4th gen I7 4770K
    Ram 8GB + 8GB
    Hdd 2TB + 2TB
    GT 740 2GB DDR5 Graphic

    will it be ok …

  21. Do you still recommend this motherboard? GA-X99-UD4? All I’ve been reading is people constantly having boot loop problems left and right.

  22. Hi, Great tutorial , really…!!
    I would very much like to install yosemite on my pc …i am actually in process for building my custom gaming pc and was thinking of putting an AMD processor in it ..but in your guide it is mentioned that we need to have a INTEL based pc.

    Is it really that necessary to have a intel based pc ?

  23. My PC Configuration is as follows can you please tell me if I can dual boot Mac OS X and Windows 10 into my PC
    500GB Seagate SATA Hard disk
    Gigabyte H61M-S2P Motherboard
    Intel Core i5 3rd Generation 3450 3.1GHZ processor
    4GB Kingston RAM
    Circle SMPS and Power Supply
    I don’t have a graphic card.

  24. Hi, My PC configuration is .
    CPU Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G3220 @ 3.00GHz
    4GB Ram Kingston
    500 GB TOSHIBA DT01ACA050 SATA-III Hard Disk
    AMD Radeon HD 6670 – 2GB Video Card

    Can i dual boot Windows 7 and Mac OS X Yosemite?

  25. I have a issue with the boot of the flashdrive it will pull up to the loading screen with the apple on it and seems to stay there with no loading is this a hardware issue or a boot drive issue

  26. Hi I need an opinion with this build. I won’t be doing any gaming, but more of designing and after effects.

    Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD7 TH
    Intel Core iCore-4360 or i5-4460
    Seagate Barracuda 1TB
    Crucial 16GB 1600 Mhz DDR3
    Corsair 550 Watt

    I’m slightly on a tight budget. I need some advice.

  27. Hey my name is Lucas I got the “high end hacintosh pro” and I have tried unibeast method like you showed in your video with tons of different boot flags and none of them worked so I tried using clover and once again tried lots of boot flags and nothing happened what can I do to get this working?

  28. hey frds,
    I’m using hp pavilion g6 notebook laptop and want to install mac on it.
    it has 2.3 ghz amd processor amd a8
    4 gb of ram
    2.5 gb graphics amd radeon graphics

    can i install mac (any version) on my this lappy?
    is yes than plz give me full instruction or any simple link by which i can go through
    thnx in advance

  29. Hi mate-I really need your help-I bought all parts of your “low budget” Hackintosh -I just choose an I5-4690 K and Kingson 8 gb RAM-apart from that-like you recommmended (Gigabyte Z97-D3H)
    -but does not work-I tried lots of boot flags like: GraphicsEnabler=No cpus=1 -x -v but stiil stuck by “missing bluetooth transport” if I dont put in anything unibeast stuck at a third of the appke screen logo …please help -I dont want a window-pc

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