How To Install OSX Yosemite On Your PC


This guide will give a complete step by step on how to install OS 10.10 Yosemite on any PC that has a Intel base processor.

 What You Need:
1. Built PC With Intel CPU
2. Any Computer Running Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.6 or later.
3. USB Stick 8Gb or Larger

What you need to Download: Click for the link




DSDT (if needed)

Inorder to download Unibeast, Multibeast  and DSDT files you need to have an account on tonymacx86.  If you don’t have an account then you can create an here.

Make your you have Unibeast and Multibeast downloaded and unziped on to your desktop.

STEP 1: Download OSX 10.10 Yosemite

The cool thing is that the whole OS is free for anyone who has a Apple ID and acess to a machine running 10.6.8 Snow Leopard or later.

  1. Open Mac App Store
  2. Log into your Apple ID
  3. Download OS X Yosemite (its a big file >5GB so relax)

STEP 2: Making a Bootable USB Drive

  1. Insert your USB drive the is 8GB or Larger
  2. Open /Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility
  3. Select your USB drive
  4. Go to the Partition Tab
  5. Click Current and choose 1 Partition 
  6. Click Options and Choose Master Boot Record
  7. Under Name: type USB
  8. Under Format: choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
  9. Click Apply then Partition
  10. Open UniBeast from your desktop
  11. Click Continue, Continue, Continue, Agree

    12. At Destination Select, choose USB and click Continue

    13. Choose Yosemite on the Select OS Installation screen
    14. Click Continue

    15. If using a 5 or 6 Series system with AWARD BIOS choose Legacy USB Support
    16. If using a laptop, choose Laptop Support
    17. Click Continue

    18. Enter your password and click Install

    UniBeast will now create the bootable USB drive. Once completed put your the Multibeast folder in the USB drive.

STEP 4: Boot into USB Drive

  1. Turn on the computer
  2. Press the hotkey to choose boot device (usually F12 or F8)
  3. Choose USB-HDD
  4. At the Chimera Boot Screen, choose USB and hit Enter

If you can’t get to the OSX installer, try typing in -x at the Chimera Boot  screen. You can also type some other boot flags such as: GraphicsEnabler=Yes, PCIRootUID=1, maxmem=4096, maxmem=8192, and npci=0x2000 individually or in combination in order to solve boot issues.

 STEP 5: Install OSX Yosemite

Once you get to the installer:

1. In the top menu bar choose Utilities, and open Disk Utility
2. Highlight your target hard drive for the Yosemite installation in left column.
3. Click Partition tab
4. Click Current and choose 1 Partition
5. Click Options…
6. Choose GUID Partition Method
7. Under Name: type Yosemite (You can rename it later)
8. Under Format select Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
9. Click Apply then Partition
10. Close out of the Disk Utility
11. When the installer asks you where to install, choose OSX, or your existing install if your just upgrading.
12. When complete system will reset automatically.
13. Press F8 or F12 to enter into boot menu & select your USB drive again.
14. At the Chimera Boot Screen, choose your new OSX installation.
15. Complete the OSX initial setup, date, user, password, etc.
STEP 6: Finalization With MultiBeast 
1. Open Multibeast
2. if this is a new install go to the Quick Start tab & choose EasyBeast, UserDSDT, or DSDT-Free.
3. Choose your audio drivers, enable trim if you are using an SSD, select your networking driver, etc. here are my settings based upon my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H) Capture2
4. Restart your PC and your done.
Congrats! you just installed  OS X Yosemite on your PC.

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    • make sure your booting into your usb drive and at the boot menu try typing in” -x “. You can also type some other boot flags such as: GraphicsEnabler=Yes, PCIRootUID=1, maxmem=4096, maxmem=8192, and npci=0x2000 individually or in combination in order to solve boot issues.

  1. I’m looking at installing OS X Yosemite alongside Windows 8 on my laptop – will this method work if I select laptop support? The laptop model I’m using is svf15a13cdb. I’m assuming I would have to make a partition on my hard drive for Yosemite, correct?

      • My laptop runs amd proccesser. Will this work on that?.and how do I find out what drivers I need for multibest if I use am Asus k55n – sa80403v? Also what does the laptop support option do? Great video bro!! Thanks for making it!

  2. My laptop runs and proccesser. Will this work on that?.and how do I find out what drivers I need for multibest if I use am Asus k55n – sa80403v? Also what does the laptop support option do? Great video bro!! Thanks for making it!

  3. i dont have a mac. nor any of my friends 🙁
    can you tell me how to download yosemite any other way…..
    maybe a torrent file??

  4. My motherboard is Gigabyte GA-Z97-D3H I believe it’s Socket 1150. I don’t see it in the list. Is DSDT required for this motherboard?

  5. I followed the directions to the “t”. I made my usb drive with everything needed. I had to go in my PC bios and make the changes to be able to boot from the usb drive. I disabled secure boot, disabled fast boot and uefi, etc.
    When the PC boots up it comes to the screen where it shows the Yosemite (unibeast) icon, the windows icon, and the windows recovery icon. So everything is great until then. I select Yosemite, press enter, and the Apple logo shows up very quickly, goes away, amd them the PC boots up normally to windows. Whats going on? What should i do at this point? Help!
    Here is my PC. A new HP Envy 700-229 running Windows 8.1 Pro. Core i7-4770 cpu, 12gb memory, a set up that should work easily with os x.
    The only thng i can think of is that HP uses very proprietary motherboard and bios settings.
    Thank you.

      • Most HP Laptops and Desktop that comes with more than one Drive , Have one target to boot from I had the problem in my Envy dv7 Laptop ,,, I think the only work around is to create a partition in the primary Drive , and install OSX there…
        I hope this works out for you ..

        • I Have The Exact Problem, I am using An Acer V17 VN7-791G-74SS : 8Gb Ram , 1 Tb HDD + 8Gb SD, i7 Haswell + Nvidia 860M GTX (2GB).
          I Just want to cry at this point. I Even Format the whole disk (Win 8.1 used to be installed in it) and i have nothing left…

    • Hi same problem. i have HP envy 15

      Name Intel Core i7 4700MQ
      Codename Haswell
      Specification Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz
      Package (platform ID) Socket 947 rPGA (0x4)
      Northbridge Intel Haswell rev. 06
      Southbridge Intel HM87 rev. C1

      Can any one help on this

  6. So I just finished building my hackintosh and everything seems to be running fine. When i tried to install yosemite from the bootable USB drive it takes me to the apple loading screen but the gray progress bar seems to be stuck at about 20%.

    I’ve waited for 40 minutes without any luck. Is there a step i missed during the installation process? I made sure the follow the installation directions clearly and partitioned my usb drive.

    • Same issue – getting nothing & it won’t get past 25%. Won’t boot into the install screen & I tried all of the “-x -v” etc. ???

        • I am having the same issue! If anyone finds a solution to this please let us know 🙂


          EDIT: try using nv_disable=1 at the boot screen worked perfectly for me

  7. I have Installed Mac os x10.10 and Windows 10 but bootloder is not working
    Some error

    and starting windows 10 how to solved

  8. Some confusion between 4540s or 4530s
    Hi, I have to make a decision, wether I buy one of the above notebooks (they are nearly the same price for me at the moment, the 4540s including additional +4gbs of ram), and I really would like to run MacOs on it, although I have no experience on this yet.

    I cant really judge which is the most compatible model in 4540s or 4530s, so could someone please tell me their opinion on that?

  9. Hey there! I have the exact motherboard and can not get audio to work. It seems that anytime I install the Voodoo drivers I end up with crippling kernal panic errors. I’m curious what your motherboard settings are. Currently my BIOS Version is f8 which may be giving me my issue. If I follow your Multibeast setup provided I get the same kernal panic issues. Thanks for your time!

  10. I’m kinda lost because i don’t know if i need:
    -laptop support
    -legacy usb support

    How can i know which one to choose???

    I wanna install it at a Asus Game of republic laptop from 2012-2013


  11. Okay, so… I’ve got it installed, went through the drivers and everything as stated in the instructions, but for some reason when I restart the machine I get stuck on the screen with the Apple logo and a blank loading bar below it. It won’t change from this screen, and i’m not really sure what I’m supposed to try next. Any help would be appreciated!

  12. I have create Yosemite USB boot on Virtual machine but after I plug on my lenovo U530, there is no USB boot in there.

    Can you explain what is the problem?

  13. Hello. I’m recently interested in Hackintosh, and wondering if I could install Yosemite in my notebook computer. My hardware is Asus vivobook s500. I’m first at this, so just searching here and there for installation guide. ^^;;
    I’ve heard so many times that hackintosh is frickin’ hard to succeed, so I’m quite surprised that your YouTube video and the guide above seemed quite simple. @@
    Would my notebook be good for Yosemite? I’ve searched for success case in s500, but I couldn’t find any.
    And, how could I solve the tons of problems about drivers?
    Could you please answer me? ^^;;

  14. hello
    i have i7 Intel Processor
    Gigabyte processor
    and gigabyte 750 Ti Graphic Card
    i m installing in my computer all installation Completed but hang on last process when its restart and Loading again plzzzzzz Help me to solve my Problem
    i will very thankful to u

  15. Trying to do this on a desktop PC, and when I go to the Disk Utility to find the hard drive… the drive is not recognized… It finds the USB drive but not the computers hard drive. Have restarted the machine and made a new boot image on the USB drive. Still not showing up… Thoughts?

  16. hi
    can you guide me, I went to install mac osx 10 on hp Compaq elite 8300
    what is the best method you recommend
    my spec
    8 g ram
    500 gb hd
    bult in graphic card


  17. Hi,
    I am trying to install yosemite on my laptop the bootable USB work up to the part where the apple logo loads up and this is on my HP pavillon 17 notebook any ideas to help me.

  18. Hi,
    Thanks for the tutorial…
    I have an issue, when I an going to disk utility to select my hard drive, I can’t see it, he showing me only the usb driver.
    What should I do and how can I fix it?

    Thanks a lot,

  19. please help u built your budget build -ssd and upgraded to a intal i5 and i have the promblem of only being able to boot in safe mode only

  20. I have tried to install like your guide. Before install, my laptop was installed Win8.1
    So i used diskpart to create a Fat32 partition with ID=AF. After that i boot USB with “-v -x PCIRootUID=0”, no luck! They rebooted after running commands
    I aslo tried to use diskpart to clean everything then i boot laptop with the usb, but they dont see my local hard drive. just USB stick only 🙁

  21. Hi, I followed your guide an it worked nearly perfect!
    BUT when ever I send the system to sleep, it instantly wakes up after 1 or 2 secs.
    I have the exact same mainboard (ga-z77-d3h). The system log shows “An Unknown USB Device (Port 3 of Hub at 0x15000000), may have caused a wake by being connected”, but there is no usb device connected at all …

    Any idea, why this is happening?
    Did you get hibernate to work properly with this mainboard?

  22. I have problem that my macbook only running in snow leopard, and cannot download yosemite from mac store.

    already download the hackintosh but not can’t boot.

    is there any way for me to have original installer for yosemite?

    Im going to install it in PC DELL optiplex 7010

  23. Everything works fine, but after i install chimera with multibeast and I reboot I boot on windows without any options for chose os.. If I try to boot it from the USB boot setup it doesn’t load the os.. :/

    • I had the same issue. My Mackintosh is still not booting from HDD and I have to rely on the USB. Done 6 installations already… lol… In your case, when you boot from the USB, select the HDD installation and press -, you will see a small text area open at the bottom. make sure that it looks as follows before you press enter: -x GraphicsEnabler=Yes

      That will sort out the booting issue. This is because on a standard install, it does not find your graphics driver and fails. It might also be you have a wireless keyboard/mouse installed…

      This is what I have learnt so far. Let me know if you have any success with booting directly from HDD.


  24. I have got a Problem with the graphics on my Hackintosh.
    The system is running, everything works but there is still a flicker on everything i do.
    I am only using the onboard graphic of my Intel Core i5 3550 and i tried everything i can do with multibeast, but it still does not work.

    Can you help me?

  25. Hi

    i’m a newbee on Hackingtosh. but what internal dvddrive compatible? I’m build middle system “Solid Hackintosh from this site”

    Thanks for answer

    Regards Walter from Holland

    • Hi
      sorry for my english

      i’m a newbee on Hackingtosh. my question is what internal dvd drive and card reader are compatible on a hackingtosh system ? I’m build middle system “Solid Hackintosh from this site”

      Thanks for answer

      Regards Walter from Holland

  26. Hey Waj how you doing?

    I’m trying to install Mavericks on my ASUS K750JN and I enter the chimera boot screen, then I choose the only option available that is the USB thumb drive and after that it shows the mac boot screen and as soon as it shows the boot screen it reboots the PC right away. Can you help me on that please?

      • I see that video,Then open in that I open
        ‘How To Install OSX Yosemite .’ the require things are Yosemite , unibeast , etc . In that I click on Yosemite it open apple site . I don’t want to buy Yosemite . Tell me another way to get Yosemite please—–

  27. Hi Waj how r u doin ?
    I have a question. Can an onboard graphic card (Intel hd graphic 300) run the os 10.10 yosemite? but my processor is intel Core i5 2430. Please give me a rply.

  28. when i click to usb it wont boot,my windows just start normally
    my laptop specs is
    dell inspiron N5110
    intel i5 2430m @2.40ghz
    6gb ddr3 ram
    dell motherboard model 0fxk2y
    bios vA11
    500gb hhd
    2gb intel hd graphics sandy bridge
    1gb nvidia geforce gt 525m
    will this work for installing macintosh

    • My tutorial are made mainly for custom made PC with part that have been tested to work with OSX. Laptops are always more tricky but it is possible. make sure your booting into the USB and u can try hitting “-x” at the boot loader.

  29. After installation of OS X on my mackintosh, mackintosh don’t boot from SSD but free USB I can boot?? I used DSDT-free ???

    What can be wrong ???

    Thx for help

  30. I am using a windows PC to create my unibeast USB drive. Can I use Windows Disk Management to partition the drive rather than Disk Utilities described in this tutorial?

    Also, I have Yosimite downloaded, does Unibeast prompt me to click on my downloaded version of Yosimite during set up of the bootable drive or do I need to extract Yosimite onto the drive after formatting?


    • Having the same exact problem here. Seems like the SATA ports are not recognized by the installer. I think it has something to do with UniBeast, because the BIOS does recognize the HD. Hope someone can answer our issue or give some ideas.

  31. If someone could please HELP me here. My UniBeast works just fine, my Apple bar fills all the way up and I get to the part where I’m support to open DiskUtility to select the target drive… The only problem is… My target drive does not SHOW on the DIskUtility!!!! 🙁 Is like my SATA HD is suddenly not recognized by the installation software. Only my USB shows. PLEASE HELP!!!

  32. Hi, can you tell me the detailed specs you used to build your pc for the yosemite OS per your video on youtube:

    The GTX 760 Video Card/GPU – How much ram and campatible with 3 monitors?
    What make and model are the 3 monitors on the video?
    What Gigabyte mobo model name?
    How much RAM t=did you install on your Gigabyte mobo?

    I know I can get compatible parts list on tony’s site but I am just curious about your specific build as you only gave basic details.


  33. Could someone please post a link to the Operating System download because I can’t get my hands on a mac and I just need the actual download link so I can get it for free then install it on my windows computer?! So please someone upload it somewhere for free downloads! thank you

  34. I just couldn’t finalize the installation of os x mavericks. After installing, and restarting and booting into the os x partition it loads with apple logo for few seconds and restarts. Help me please, its really annoying after getting so far.
    My specs are:
    nvidia geforce 210 1gb

    • Hello ,
      I Am iranian
      Well I Like Instafuze
      I Have A Problem i have downloaded mac os x yosemite 10.10.3 from
      my mac os 10.9.3 is installer in a virtual machine
      the install os x yosemite i have downloaded is in applications folder
      i open unibeast and continue continue continue agree select usb and then yosemite
      when i click continue it shows Your Selected Mac OS Is InComplete
      I Have Downloaded it from above site and other persian sites
      i cant download yosemite from mac app store because internet speed is very low in iran.
      i have same problem, please help me
      i hope you.
      by by Sadra Shameli

  35. I pass the processes and in the stage of boot and I get stock with the apple logo and installation bar not showing any progress for over 20mins what could be the issue and how can i pass this? please reply as soon as you can will be glad for your assistance .

  36. Hi,
    the book is ok but after few seconds i have a deny sign and can not go to the installation
    i tried all your codes on the boot menu but nothing change
    any idea?
    thanks for your help

  37. Hi Thanks for this very good method for how to install yosemite in pc but my laptop has 4gb of ram and 32bit and intel core i3 si if i can download a yosemite in this laptop

  38. I am running UniBeast 5.0.1. i have the latest “Install OS X” in my /Applications directory. When I’m presented with the “Select Installation Type”, nothing is selectable, all versions are greyed out. Please help!

  39. Hi bro, everything is fine upto step 3… the big problem is at step 4 ….i have tried -x, graphicsenabler=yes and other keywords but iam getting booting error
    ….greybar is strucked at 10 to 20% …its not moving….waiting for your reply

  40. You made bootable usb using Unibeast and copied Multibeast on into it. What about the Yosemeti OS. What we are going to do with the app or dmg file? Where we will apply the OS file which we downloaded?

    Thank YOu.

  41. I wanted to run Yosemite OS off an external hard drive without messing with my current windows PC hard drive – then I could plug in the external drive (and boot up) when I wanted a hackintosh or unplug it and reboot when I wanted a windows PC. I ass-u-me that I could follow this process by plugging in an external USB hard drive and direct the installation USB thumb drive to that hard drive? Please let me know. I think this would be a great tutorial to add to your excellent tutorials. thanks.

    • I say just partition your regular drive (assuming you have enough space) instead of wasting $ on a external drive.

  42. im new to hackintosh.. i tried many times to download yosmite from apple store… but it shows connection faild .. can you please suggest me any other link to download yosmite.. from non apple store?

  43. Hi there, thanks for this great post. Im doing all these process on a HP Elitebook. everything goes well until i select my usb drive to open mac installation, it opens the usb i can see the apple logo and the bar that goes almost up to %40 but then the logo and the bar disappears and in that gray screen it just shows me a prohibition sign. Please let me know how to fix this issue. Thanks

  44. iam using widows 10 in sony vaio e series vpceh25en
    I need mac os x yosemite softwareand installation procedure
    can any one say please

  45. after creating bootable drive successfully when try booting the computer with the flash drive connected, I can select the USB with “Yosemite” logo on it. The next screen appears, a white screen with apple logo and progress bar. the progress bar never moves even after 30 mins!!. Please suggest solution for this. I am using HP pavilion dv6 with following configuration.

    intel i5 processor
    8 gb ram
    1 tb seagate ssd
    nvdia geforce gt 620m 1TB

  46. if some one can help me i make my bootiable as the tutorial all great till now afeter boot and config my bios i boot from usb after the unibeast logo apears i select the yosemit to install after the apple logo apears my laptop reboot i try making the usb laptop support and legasy support and only laptop support and make other one whit nothing select i have 4 diferent usb create and 4 make me the same thing if any one can help me fix this issue please
    my laptop is
    ASUS GL551JW-DS71
    Windows 8.1 Operating System
    • Intel Core i7-4720HQ Haswell Processor
    • 16 GB System Memory
    • NVIDIA GTX960M 2G GDDR5 Video Graphics
    • 1TB 7200 RPM Hard Drive
    • DVD±RW/CD-RW Opticial Drive
    • 15.6″ FHD (1920*1080) Display
    • 1.2MP HD Webcam
    • Bluetooth® 4.0
    • SD, MMC, MS Card Reader
    • ROG AudioWizard
    • Matte Black Finish
    • Illuminated Backlit Keyboard
    • Up to 5 hours battery
    • 3 USB
    • 1 Headphone
    • 1 HDMI
    • 1 Mini Display Port
    • 1 LAN RJ-45
    • 15″W x 10″D x 1.2-1.4″H

  47. Im installing this on a DELL Latitude E6430.
    I followed all the steps and set all options as set by this link

    I used the -v -x option where it scrolled many text until it said something about “official” after that it went blank screen.

    Not sure what to do. Should I abandon this method and try something else?

    Please help…..

  48. I have a BIG problem. I installed Yosemite and it works. But I can’t turn on computer if I don’t press f12 first and select to read from USB. If I try it without USB, it shows “boot: error”
    What should I do?
    Please help

  49. HI i have MSI Z87-GD65 Mothere Board and Nvidia 770 and i followed the instruction but i cant install the yousemite OS would you please help me in that

  50. I have downloaded El Capitan witch should be compatible with UniBeast v 6.1.1. Unfortunately UniBeast can’t see my OS X. So, I don’t know how to fix… Help me out please (y)

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