How To DualBoot OSX & Windows

List of ingredients

A machine that can run osx and windows

Access to a computer that’s running OSX already

-8 Gb or larger Usb Drive for Unibeast with osx on it

-8 Gb or larger USB or DVD with Windows

What you need to Download: Click for the link


Windows 10 preview



DSDT (if needed)

Inorder to download Unibeast, Multibeast  and DSDT files you need to have an account on tonymacx86.  If you don’t have an account then you can create an here.

Step 1: Create OSX Unibeast USB and Windows USB  

  1. Make your unibeast usb drive, see step 2 on my full hackintosh guide, what means downloading OSX yosemite from app store, unibeast and multibeast. and run the unibeast utility to make your osx installer. when your done copy multibeast folder to usb
  2. If you have a copy of windows on a physical disc then skip the following step, to make your Bootable windows USB you want to Put a windows iso or disc image to your USB. Im just downloading the windows 10 preview from Microsoft and using the windows USB installer utility.

Now you should have one usb with osx and another usb with windows.

Step 2: Boot into OSX installer

  1. turn on pc that you’re going to be installing everything on to and mash delete to enter BIO.
  1. Make sure sata settings are set to AHCI, instead of Raid or IDE. save and exit BIO by hitting F10.
  1. As your pc resets start pressing F8 or F12 to enter into boot menu.
  2. Select the USB drive that has Unibeast on it In my case that usb drive is called “USB”.
  3. At the Chimera Boot Screen, choose USB (with the unibeast icon) and hit Enter

if you can’t get to the OSX install use these boot flags at the chimera boot screen.

Step 3: Partition Drive & Install OSX

  1. Select your language
  2. Next click utilities at the top and select disk utilities
  3. Select the drive that were going to be installing everything on to.
  4. Go to the partition tab , set the partition layout to 2 Partitions.
  5. Click on Options and make sure it is set to GUID Partition Table.
  6. Name the Top Partition “Macintosh” and change the format to Mac OS Extended Journaled. Name the bottom Partition “Windows” and set the format to MS-DOS FAT. Then Click Apply. Once complete exit disk utility.
  7. Go through the OSX installer & Select the “Macintosh” partition to install OSX on to and click continue. Once completed your computer will reset.
  8. Boot into unibeast USB from boot menu again, and when you get to the chimera bootloader select the new OSX install named “Macintosh”.
  9. Complete install setup and use multibeast to install the drivers for your audio, networking etc, don’t install chimera bootloader yet. Once multibeast is done shutdown your computer.

Step 4: Install Windows

  1. Take out the osx USB and insert your windows USB or disc. Turn on your pc.
  2. Mash F8 or F12 select the windows usb or disk.
  3. Once you’re at the windows installer, select your language and click next, then install now, agree to terms.
  4. Select Custom (advanced)
  5. Select the partition labeled “Windows”, select Format & click OK.
  6. If it says Windows cannot be installed on the partition  and doesn’t let you install windows on that part, just restart and it should let you install .
  7. Install windows, once windows is done installing, go through the initial setup and install your drivers like you would regularly do for any new windows installation.
  8. Once your done all that shutdown your computer

Step 5: Installing Bootloader 

  1. Unplug windows usb drive and insert unibeast flash drive again. turn on your computer.
  2. Boot into unibeast flash drive from the boot menu.
  3. At the chimera boot screen select your Macintosh installation.
  4. Once your is OSX run mulltibeast and install the chimera bootloader i like to just select the DSDT Free option. Once complete, take out the usb flash drive and  reboot.

And congrats you now have a choice of running either osx and windows on your pc. so every time you turn on your pc you can boot into what ever operating system you like.

77 thoughts on “How To DualBoot OSX & Windows

  1. Dear Sir

    I am very thankful to you to upload these valuable videos.
    I have one question and help. i.e.
    i have laptop with original windows 8. can i install Mac os X ,
    than can i use Dual Boot

    i do not want to delete my original windows

    please help me

    Thanks & regard

    • thanks allot for your support, that would be hard to do because inorder to run osx and win on one drive you have to partition one part in OSX format and the other in windows format. You could try making a new partition on your existing windows into fat 32 and run osx installer and see if you can formate that partition in Mac OSX extended journalled, and install OSX on that new partition. Not 100% certain if that would work.

      Before trrying any thing i would recommend backing up important files.

    • Hello siiras in running Dell xps 15 l520x model. Installing 10.10.3 latest yosmite update on my machine as i couldn’t boot my machine in normal mode and Booting issue error saying opraating system not found

  2. Hello Sir,

    First of all let me say thanks for all the info you post here and your Youtube channel, i had to subscribe to it cause the quality of the videos are really great. So i really appreciate that you share it with us.

    I wanna ask you something about Hackingtosh. I’ve been using OSX, since 3 year now (i have an iMac 21.5 mid 2011), and I really have no complains to make more than just the price, and what you pay for the actual hardware. But we could be discussing hours about this. So Im thinking instead of upgrading to a new iMac, maybe going for a Hackingtosh

    In terms of operative system stability, is it reliable to use a Hackingtosh for serious bussiness? I hate to deal with system freeze, what makes you lose work for example. Or even booting problems or things that stopped to work. I mostly work on production, video and music. I’ve tried hackingtosh back in the 2010, but it was really starting and my build was’t really made for Hackingtosh, even i had Gigabyte and Intel, and did’t have good experience, but I’m positive that it might have improved.

    I would be really greatful to hear your opinion about this, thanks again for all the info you share with us.


    • Hi Dario

      Thank you so much for the very kind words and i really appreciate your support.

      In terms of stability Apple does not officially support any hardware but their own, so buying a real mac you will always have the assurance of having the most stable machine possible. However i have been running a hackintosh with modern parts for a number of years and with minimal initial setup, i think now its stable enough for professional work.

      Personally I use windows and OSX 50/50. I think what you have to ask yourself is what apps do you like to use? for myself i primarily use the adobe creative suite, which is cross platform but it runs fast in windows with the right hardware.

      Secondly in terms of value, its now a little tricky to answer that. Mainly because of the new 5k imac, funny enough dell is releasing a 5k standalone monitor that will cost $2500. Which is the same price as the entry level 5k imac. Now that being said, for around $2000 you can get a 4k monitor and a six core computer. Even the top configuration of the imac couldn’t come close to that kind of hackintosh. Plus you can run windows 10 which will be a great OS aswell. so as you probably already know building a custom PC will always give you the most for your money and allow you to upgrade your parts if needed .

      But keep in mind that buying a computer from apple is allot more convenient and hassle free, especially if your a person that doesn’t have too much time & energy to spare in building your own PC.

      hope that helps
      thanks again

  3. Hello bro
    I have this specification on my pc

    Processor – Intel core2duo 32bit
    Ram- 4gb
    Graphic geforce nvidia 210
    Suggest me a motherboard under 100$ for hackintosh because my motherboard does not have ahci just have ide so not able to install even Mavericks dmg. Please tell whether my PC comparable for hackintosh or what kind of changes should I do to make hackintosh related to my PC so that I can install yosemite

  4. I have a SSD and a HDD. I plan to install both OS on the SSD, and use HDD as storage. Is it possible to partition the HDD so that OS X will be able to access one partition of the HDD and win 8 can access the other? Thanks.

  5. Hello there sir,

    I would like to address an issue and get help for an issue that i am having with the bootloader not booting. After I installed both Yosemite and Windows and then proceeded to install the bootloader, everything was fine until I rebooted.

    Once my PC rebooted, it just rebooted straight into Windows instead of the bootloader. I tried everything that I could but couldn’t figure out why it didnt boot into the bootloader. I know that the Mac Partition is fine cause I can boot back into Mac by using the USB installer menu. Plz help me, I need to have windows and Mac both on my machine as windows can recognize my dvd drive and Mac cannot.

  6. hii sir, i have a question im trying to install OSX to my pc but evrytime I click the usb, it will load for a while and then my monitor will be blank as in black out. would you know why is this happening? please help thank you.

  7. Thanks for uploading this valuable video it support me a lot.
    Actually I want to say that I installed it properly but I have issue with driver some of them are not working, like intel HD 4000 grahics. I have to boot with boot flags otherwise it will not starting, I used to boot through “cpus=1 npci=0x300”.
    My laptop configuration
    Model:- d004tu
    System Type x64-based PC
    Processor Interl(R) Core(TM) i3-3110M CPU @2.40GHz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
    BIOS Version/Date Insyde F.11, 21-03-2014
    Wi-Fi Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565
    Lan Adapter Realtek RTL8168

  8. Thanks For youtube videos. They are superb.
    I want to ask that whether i can make more drives in windows or I have to install windows in drive c: and store all my work in that only.

    Thanks in advance..

  9. I have been trying to dual boot my new pc, but when i get to downloading drivers for the mac, my computer slows down and becomes laggy for some reason. MultiBeasts doens’t crash, but it keeps loading when I press any button on the app.

  10. hi friend! Thank you for your videos. I had some troubles to make what you did and couldn’t resolve to make the win side of the partition something that windows need to be installed. I made lot of experiment but no one functioned. For example Windows need NTFS partition but Mac cannot do that. With MS-DOS (FAT), the win installer didn’t recognize the format. I made a lot of tricks to make that partition bootable but nothing … 🙁
    So i don’t know if it is cause I have the following hardware: Intel Core i7, MB Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H, 3,39 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 1333 MHz DDR3, w/ Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT 1024 MB. Mackintosh is running very well, Mac OS X 10.10.1 presently and I`m not satisfy with Parallels running windows XP, 7 and 8.

    I saw that your win installation was smooth, is it cause you run on a AMD processor ??

    Thank you for your comments! Regards, Jorge from Mar del Plata, Argentina.

  11. hi I just wanna know instead of Yosemite can I use Mavericks because my machine cannot run Yosemite please reply quickly
    Ps I like ur vids

  12. Hi Have installed Yosemite first and then windows 10 on my Seagate 2 HDD Gigabyte GA-Z97Z-UD7-TH ,EVGA GTX 760 SC Crucial ballistics 16 GB ,i7 4790K ,configuration
    Everything went smooth as per procedure after windows 10 installation,re started and bootloader on yosemite installed
    After restart yosemite getting Kernel panic on yosemite CPU error
    Got able to Windows only
    cannot boot in to Yosemite
    Tried with – x, – v boot argue,No success

  13. Great video but i have a problem, i have windows 7 installed on a SDD then i tried to install OS X Yosemite in another HDD, worked fine but i can not manage to boot windows, what can i do?

  14. I just want to install OSX on my lenovo x230 laptop, I don’t have any access to a computer that already runs mac osx, if there is any other way to install than plz let me know, because I have been searching a lot for installing mac on my laptop, if there is possibility without any mac installed computer than plz let me know………………….

  15. hello… sir your video was great…! i have a doubt i already have windows 8.1 installed in my laptop is it possible for me to dual boot yosemite without loosing my previous files?

  16. Hi, thanks for the tutorial!

    I have successfully install OSX in the same HDD with windows without wiping anything but creating a new partition for OSX.

    But my problem is that I can’t boot without the Unibeast USB and I have already tried to install Chameleon from Multibeast after setting up. But it still boots straight into Windows

  17. I plan to set up a hackintosh pc running 10.10.2 and windows 7 on two separate ssd drives with an Asus Maximus VII Formula with i7-4790k. Your video helped me understand the process a lot better. Hope all works out fine and dsdt settings won’t be too complicated.

    Best regards and respect from South Korea.

  18. Dear Sir

    I found that after I pressed the Enter in chimera boot screen, the computer restart automatically as soon as the apple logo appear

    I have try all the boot flags above and they didnt work

    Help me please..

    • your you using a AMD CPU? or intel? if your on a laptop it may not have compatible hardware. If non of these are true try
      “-x” which is OSX safe mode. thanks for your question! good luck.

  19. hi
    i was wondering that if i install mac on my laptop will all of the drivers work properly or not ?
    i am currrently using dell vostro 5460
    core i3 3120m
    4gb ram

    • Not sure, My tutorials are aimed for a custom built PCs, with parts that have been proven to work with OSX. You may have problems with drivers and booting into the OS. You could try, but back up your stuff or install another 2.5″ drive so u dont mess up your windows install.

  20. I have windows 8.1 pre installed in my pc, no CD just like that straight from the shop.
    I want to dual boot my computer to have windows 8.1 and OS X but I don’t want to lose my real windows to install a fake one.
    I don’t mind to format and delete everything but there is a way where I don’t need to install other windows and keep this one?
    Thanks good tutorial btw!

    • You could install OSX on another Hard drive, that wau you dont mess with your windows install. hope that helps.

      • But I don’t have another hard drive, i can do a partition… I just don’t want to lose my true license of windows I don’t mind to lose my personal files, I want to format anyway.

        • you could create a recovery disks if your pc came with that option. Perhaps another way is to create a separate fat32 partition, & see if OSX will install into that partition. I have not try this myself so please be warned.

  21. Hi, I have watched with great interest your guides to both run Yosemite on a PC and to Dual Boot with Windows 8.1. My question is can I still achieve this by keeping my existing installation of Windows 8.1 and installing Yosemite on a second hard drive partition please. I ask as I don’t wish to have to reinstall and configer all of my Windows programmes etc.
    Thank you in advance and thank you for your very informative and interesting guides.

    Keith Foxhall

    • hi Keith thanks for watching my videos sir! You definitely can install OSX on a second Drive, just set the boot priority to your OSX drive and at the boot loader screen you’ll have the option to boot into windows or OSX.

      • Thank you so much for your help, I am going to get this set up in the next few weeks as work allows and I will let you know how I go.
        Again thank you for your extremely kind and understanding attitude to helping others to enjoy your enthusiastic expertise.

  22. Hello sir, I have mini htpc i3 Intel. I installed 1tb hdd and had dual boot of a linux program with windows 8.1. I decided to wipe the hdd and use your unibeast method to get OS X installed. I did the partition bit then installed OS X but when I reboot and click Macintosh (the newly installed partition and OS X ) it starts to install but halfway point the whole screen stays white and only has cursor on it. Unsure as to why it’s not fully installing the way it goes thru whole process using unibeast thumb drive. It’s so close I can taste it but it’s just not 100%. Any thoughts?

    • not sure, could be your motherboard are u using a gigabyte motherboard? try typing in “-x” at the bootloader that will enable safe mode. I had a problem like this one time when installing windows, but later i found out the my HDD was not working properly, perhaps try another HDD. Thanks.

  23. Sir,
    I want to give you extremely thanks as you gave these tutorials for us. I have a question about Hackintosh Build guide. I have laptop of acer. It has 2GB RAM. 320 GB hard disk. The speed of my pc’s processor is 1.3 G.Hz. Is this laptop compatible with Hackintosh? Please leave me a reply.

  24. Syed sir i had a doubt, can i install osx yosimite in my pc which, it already has windows 8.1, i dont want to format any of files cuz its is neary 856gb. i cant backup all the files. all are important files.
    can i install yosimite osx without deleting any files? I mean without formatting my system?

  25. Sir, first of all thanks dor the great videos.
    I have made my usb with unibeast for Yosemite , now as I am trying to install it , it is stucked at the screen showing apple , not yet shown me to choose language .
    My laptop is hp62 (i3 ,4 gb ram )
    No option of sata setting is available in my bios setup menu .
    I didn’t know what boot flags to type and where to type .. Boot flags are missing in this article .
    So what can i do now as i stuck . I can send u its photograph if u can have a look and can assist me (give me your email id at

    • try typing in “-x” or other boot flags such as: GraphicsEnabler=Yes, PCIRootUID=1, maxmem=4096, maxmem=8192, and npci=0x2000 individually or in combination in order to solve boot issues.

    • not sure my tutorials are made for custom desktop PCs with hardware that has been proven to work with OSX, i would not generally not recommend installing OSX on a laptop, too many hardware variables. If those boot flags did’t work then perhaps your motherboard on the laptop is not compatible with OSX. Try googling your model and see if anyone else installed OSX on it. Good luck!

  26. So I had a build I was planning to make a dual boot. Unfortunately this cpu is not supported by OS X yet and it is a mess to get to work. Is it fine to install windows and not have mac on their yet? I am using two different SSD’s for the Os’ so that won’t be a problem.

    Please let me know!

  27. Hey Waj,

    I am currently very busy with building my own hackintosh.
    I chose as motherboard the MSI Z97I GAMING ACK.
    My question to you is, is my motherboard recommend for a hackintosh?

    Kind regards,

  28. Hello, love your videos! they are so helpful, just one question.
    Is there any way to turn the pre-installed version of Windows and somehow turn it into an installer to use for the USB.

    • Thank you so much! if you have a preinstalled version of windows im not sure on how you can make a USB installer with your activated version of windows. Perhaps you could copy your entire windows install to a external USB drive and paste it onto the windows partition you created in OSX. Not sure if that will work i have never done that before. Sorry I could’t be more of a help.

  29. Hello Sir
    I have already install windows 7. How To Install MAC OS X without my windows partition data delete ……

  30. Thanks so much for all your very clear and concise tutorials. Just one more question: Is the dual boot procedure the same if I want to use 2 hard drives? Is there something else I need to do?

  31. Thanks a lot for the very clear explanations and video. I can say all are very comprehensive.
    I’m 68 years old retired man. I don’t like to spend more for my pc.
    My pc is macbook pro late 2007, with 4GB ram. And 64 bit Yosemite 10.10.3 automatically updated from mac os lion. Serial Number (system): W87413UVXAH Now it is only letting ton install windows 7.
    But I need to install latest windows 10 preview 10074. I prepared a bootable install USB. But during boot no chance.
    Since more than 2 days I’ve read many articles and tried without any result.
    Please advise me what I need to do.
    Your urgent help will be very much appreciated.
    Thank you very much for your kind interest and help.
    Kind regards and best wishes.
    Ahmet Turan Öner

  32. hello sir i am installing Yosemite os on amd pc then boot flag /amd -v then press enter the system reboots after a few seconds,. ??????? PLEASE HELP…..

  33. I get stuck at step 2. After I select the USB drive, the screen doesn’t show the Chimera boot screen instead of just showing “boot0: GPT, boot0: test, boot0: test, boot0: done”. What should I do? Thanks

  34. Hello Waj,

    Thanks for all the information, very helpful.

    Ran into a little issue. I have a new build and installed OSX but when installing Multibeast, I failed to uncheck Chimera bootloader and is now installed. Hence I am not able to install windows upon restart.

    How can I install windows? Can I re-install the OSX (go back to Step 1 and work through) and will that erase the bootlaoder?


  35. Dear Sir,
    I have genuine Windows 8.1 in a laptop and want to partition my hard drive to run both Windows and OS X.
    How can I copy my windows into a USB drive? I don’t want Windows 10, I want windows 8.1 which I already have.
    Thanks 🙂

  36. Hello Sir

    I am using yosemite on my dell insprion 5520.I want to install windows 8.1 as dual boot but i have a MBR partitioned drive. Is it possible to dual boot if yes please provide steps.


  37. Hi sir
    I had seen your video ant its so sweet ..
    recently I bought a lap lop it’s ASUS X555LD
    shall I try mac on this lap top on my own risk
    what is your recommend? Please reply
    I am waiting……for your answers..

  38. Are there reasons I should look at to decide how much I should partition each drive on my 250 SSD? I also have a 1 TB HD but I figure that’s for the other stuff.

  39. Hello,

    I follow your tutorial and almost everything work for me, the only problem i have is after install both OS in same disk/different partitions, and after install the chimera bootloader DSDT free option, always i try boot for choose the OS, only appear to me three lines:

    “boot0: GPT
    boot0: GPT
    boot0: done”

    And boot directly to windows 8.

    Can you help me?

    I try to do dualboot with Yosemite and Windows 8.1

  40. Hi sir
    I followed your youtube site on dual booting osx and windows 8.. i’ve installed both Yosemite and windows 8.1 in my dell vostro 2520. No problem in installing both.The problem i’ve in dual booting. After insalling both i run mulltibeast and install the chimera bootloader and select the DSDT Free option and run PC without pendrive. but i don’t get the option for choosing osx and windows. Only appear to me three lines:
    “boot0: GPT
    boot0: GPT
    boot0: done”
    And boot directly to windows 8.

    IF i run vie bootable USB osx i’ve the option of choosing yosemite and windows 8 and have no problem running both.

    Need your help to run the PC with dual booting option

  41. REALLY Appreciate Your Videos.Liked And Subscribed Too, Just A Query Cant We Install The Mac OS X Without Having A Mac PC/Laptop???…..
    Plzzz Reply On My

  42. Sir i love your videos
    I think you are MUSLIM
    Because of your name
    Thanks for giving us information about technology
    All pakistan watches your videos

    Your Sincerely,
    Muhammad Danial Shehki

  43. Hey thanks for the great tutorial. I have a couple of questions so in my case i wanna be able to boot mac os on a separate hard drive and be able to still have windows on my computer but not running when i boot the mac from the other drive. Let me know if there is or is not a way to do this and how.

    system details:
    x99 sabertooth from asus
    2x black series 1 tb hard drives (i want to install the os on one of them- one is new and not used)
    and an ssd to boot windows
    running a 980 ti

  44. Hi, nice video on youtube. I am wondering will the tutorial be the same if you have two different HDD, that is one for OS X and one for Windows. How we proceed with installation?


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