BlackBerry Q10 Review

blackberry-q10-ofic1The new Blackberry Q10 is a very nice addition to the BB10 OS devices.  When I reviewed the Z10 a while back I was impressed with the fluidity of the operating system and the device in general, the only bad thing was the lack of apps in the Blackberry marketplace. The Q10 offers the same experience with a more streamlined feeling and better built quality.

On the front, the top half boasts a 3.1 inch 720 by 720 pixel resolution screen with 328ppi, and on the bottom half there is a full Qwerty keyboard.  The keys feel very solid and have a slanted design for both the right and left hand thumbs.  There is no track ball in the middle that we are all accustomed to because the navigation feature has been designated to the multitouch enabled screen.

Overall I really like how well the operating system runs and how fast the device is. The screen is awesome, it displays bright images and the colours are very vibrant. The device feels great in the hand and the materials are soft and do not attract fingerprints (a very common problem). Blackberry’s hub works flawlessly giving the user access to all notifications and applications in one central location. Another thing that works really well is the multi-tasking abilities of the Q10. You can play YouTube videos in the background and be working on something else. This device offers proper multi-tasking. For more information on the Blackberry Q10 please check out our videos below.

Quick Specs:

Super AMOLED 3.1 inch screen
Full qwerty keyboard
8mp back camera
2mp front camera
Li-Ion 2100 mAh battery
Removable back
expandable storage
micro usb v2.0 for charging
Mini hdmi out (for video)
2gb of RAM
Supports Bluetooth, wifi, NFC, LTE, HSDPA
Dual-core 1.5 ghz processor

One thought on “BlackBerry Q10 Review

  1. Shutterfly and Blackberry need to be in touch- Shutterfly now has a mobile app for androids and iPhones so that users can simply transfer their mobile pics to their shutterfly albums/share sites. I hate that shutterfly is currently not an available app for the bb 10. I called bb yesterday to verify and they confirmed that they do not have this free shutterfly mobile app and suggested I contact shutterfly to request it, which I did. I hope that others request this from shutterfly as well. I want to buy the q10 but Believe it or not something like this is making me think twice.

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