Samsung Galaxy S4 Unveiled & Release Date Set for Late April


The long awaited next leading smartphone, The Samsung Galaxy S4 was revealed at the Samsung Unpacked Event in New York today. ¬†With the S3 being such a big success and out selling the iPhone last year it is hard to say if the S4 can continue to “wow” the consumers. The phone is se to release at the end of April. We’ll have to wait until official release to test it out but for now here are the specifications of the new Smartphone.

Slimmer, lighter, and more solid
7.9mm thick
Weighs 130 grams
5 inch screen with a full HD Super HD Amoled Display
1920 *1080 pixel resolution with 440 ppi
Quad-core processor
Made of Polycarbonite
Wifi with support for a/b/g/n/ac
4G LTE (Global Support)
Bluetooth 4.0
IR LED (remote control)
13MP camera on back / 2MP camera on front
16/32/64 GB storage sizes
2600 mAh battery

New innovations

Dual Camera
You can now take a photo or video with both cameras at the same time, this way everyone can be in the moment.
Drama Shot
Take more than a 100 shots in 4 seconds and show them as a collage in one frame. Also if someone entered the shot while taking a pickture you can now remove them with a simple touch.
S Translator
The phone can now translate languages by translating text to audio. supports both text-to-speach and speach-to-text. currently 9 languages are supported.
Adapt Display
Adjusts the screen to fit the content you are watching on the screen.
Story Album
Features a automatic album creating function. Can add text to the album to keep track of places and people. Also you can upload it to facebook directly.
Homesync Feature
You can see the pictures as soon as someone takes them. 1TB Capacity for homesync device with up to 8 users. and you can connect any phone, tablet,or pc. also supports NFC.
S Voice Drive
Customized S Voice for your car with larger text and easier to see displays.
Works with Gloves
The Samsung galaxy even works with gloves
Samsung Hub
a centralized place for apps, music, and books, plus more.
A mix of personal with work, high security. Keeps business stuff separate from personal stuff but all on the same device.
Group Play
Share music with up to 8 other devices without having a internet connection. It also allows you to share videos as well.
Dual video Call
video call other people while allowing them to see the from camera stream and back camera stream of your device.
Smart Scroll and Pause
The phone will pause a video or stop scrolling if the user turns away from the screen. Also while reading you can just tilt up or down to scroll up or down.

The S4 has been introduced with a lot of new features raising the bar or the Smartphone market. we will have a unboxing and review of this device on our YouTube channel so make sure to subscribe.

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